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What To Do If You Do Not Have A Gall Bladder?

Our Recommendation for you:


  • Coffee Enemas - without a gall bladder, your liver works many times harder to break down fatty foods.  It is very important to cleanse the liver to help it do its job.  When you cleanse the liver, your digestion will improve, your skin will become softer, dry eyes will end and so many more benefits. 

    Here is the link to a website where you will find all information you need about Coffee Enema’s.  - 

    Enema Coffee 1lb Ground Green Beans - The Original - Direction with Purpose

  • Beet, granny smith apple and fresh ginger juices are wonderful for digestion. 

  • Core Milk Thistle, Core Dandelion, and Dr Kate’s Best Digest help people without gall bladders.

  • Scar tissue is a big problem with gall bladder removal.  Medi cupping is a wonderful tool to break up scar tissue and allow circulation to improve.

  • We all need good cold pressed oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.  Unfortunately, without a gall bladder, to consume these oils will cause nausea, bloating, and abdominal stress.  The best way to get the proper oils without a gall bladder is to use these oils on your skin.  The skin is the largest organ and will absorb these wonderful oils within minutes.

  • People without gall bladders are known to be D3K2 deficient.  Make sure you get plenty of sun, between 8 and 11 am, and 4 to 8 pm.  At least 15 minutes of sun.  

  • Mushrooms, spinach, oranges and bananas are high in D3, make sure you consume these foods often.

  • People without gall bladders are known to be magnesium deficient.  Epsom salt baths are a wonderful to absorb magnesium.  When taking magnesium, it is important to have a correct ration of calcium, manganese, and boron.  You will find on my website Phyto Cal-Mag Plus, a must if you do not have a gall bladder.

  • Daily massage your liver, which is below the right rib cage.  This will provide circulation and allow your liver to function better.