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Health Benefits of BILBERRY!


Bilberry, Bilberry Extract - What Are Their Benefits & Side Effects

Bilberry, sometimes known as European blueberries are low growing shrubs bearing edible dark blue berries.  Blueberries pulp is light green, and Bilberries pulp is a red or purple.

How To Use Bilberry Extract To Protect Health - Life Extension

Traditionally, bilberry leaves have been used to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Research shows that all berries help reduce the body's glucose response after eating a high sugar meal. Studies suggest bilberry may be effective for managing blood sugar levels, particularly when combined with oatmeal.

Bilberry has been suggested as a treatment for retinopathy (damage to the retina) because anthocyanosides appear to help protect the retina. Bilberry has also exhibited protective effects against macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Bilberry has also been used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, hemorrhoids, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gout, skin infections, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

It’s also been used traditionally to prevent scurvy due to its high vitamin C content.

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