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Hello!  I am the kidneys!  There are two of me the size of your fist and the shape of a bean.  I filter your blood to keep your internal body nice and clean. I am below your ribcage next to your spine, and when I am blocked it can sure make you whine.

I regulate minerals for healthy bones and when I am congested, I get clogged up with stones.

I make a hormone with a very long name, that helps build red blood cells so you can play games.

If there are not enough red blood cells you will become tired, so healthy kidneys will keep you inspired!

I love blueberries, cranberries, apples and grapes, cauliflower, olive oil, arugula and red dates.

My most favorite is water, spring, well or filtered, because plastic and toxins can throw me off kilter. Hydrogen water is definitely the best, so high in antioxidants promoting cleansing and rest.

Dr. Kate recommended Products that help the Kidney!